Four Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Mom

Posted by Caroline Sanders Guevara on

I read all the books, blogs and pamphlets, but there was so much I didn’t know before becoming a mom. Here’s a few things I wish I’d known before our little one arrived:   

1. Babies can’t tell you what’s wrong. 

The key challenge of being a new parent is babies not being able to communicate what’s bothering them. It’s like they only know one word (crying) - like Groot in Guardians of The Galaxy - and they use it for everything they want to communicate. 

2. The love you have for your baby will change you. 

I had heard this but had no understanding of what it meant. Loving this baby unconditionally is hard to describe, but I’ll say this: I would do anything for this little person. I want to be better, do better, and I’m willing to do any amount of work to do my best for this baby. 

3. It’ll be hard, but you’ll figure it out. 

Becoming a parent is a crash course in creative problem solving under pressure. Baby can’t tell you what’s going on and you’re suddenly fully absorbed into something you’re completely unfamiliar with. It’s a lot, but it comes naturally and you’ll get the hang before you know it. 

4. Babies are a mess. 

There are constant blowouts, spit up everywhere, and 90% of solid food ends up on the floor instead of in the baby's mouth. I knew babies could be gross, but I wasn’t fully prepared for the reality of it. Stock up on cleaning supplies and many, many pairs of leggings (for you and baby). You’ll get used to it, but here’s a forewarning!  

First time parents always have a learning curve, but I hope this heads up on a few things helps! 


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