What It’s Like to have a Newborn during the Pandemic

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1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jason Guevara and I'm a 34-year old, first-time dad and husband to Caroline, the founder of Line & Co. When I'm not doing my part in looking after our son, I'm designing digital product at UserTesting. I'm a big sports and food fan, so quarantine has been a bit of a rough adjustment for me.

2. When was your little one born?


3. How did COVID-19 affect your pregnancy?

As my wife was nearing month 9 right as the effects of the initial COVID wave really ramped up. We had to cut down on seeing friends and family leading up to the delivery. Luckily, though, Caroline was able to attend the big baby shower thrown for her just weeks before the shutdowns.

4. How did COVID-19 affect your birth plan/delivery experience?

A big gut punch for me was to not have my parents and siblings allowed in the hospital. We're a tight-knit bunch, so the reality really hit me when we got word of the restriction. Still, it wasn't all bad. Our friends and family sending us gift cards for food delivery led to some really delicious meals! We lived on Grubhub dinners for a good while. Ultimately, though, isolation from family and friends has been the hardest aspect of living in a COVID world and we can't wait for it to be over.

5. What advice do you have as others navigate being new parents during the pandemic? 

My advice for those expecting during these times is to do what you need in order to care for your mental wellbeing. The current environment makes it challenging to live your normal life, much less one in which you're on the verge of bringing new life into the world. Reach out to friends and family, take a breather and focus on the joy that your little one will bring you in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

6. How have you had to adjust your expectations for this time because of COVID-19?

I've had to come to the realization that I need to focus on the positive thoughts and to remain grateful for everything we have. Times like this make you reflect on things you may have taken for granted. We always assumed the experience of having our first child would have been this joyous, shared series of moments with those important in our lives. But, at the end of the day, we are thrilled to be parents and to be able to be at home with our baby every day as he grows right in front of our eyes.

7. What has been an unexpected positive of having a newborn during the pandemic?

An unexpected positive has definitely been the amount of time we've been able to spend with him. I've been able to work remotely since March, so this has allowed me to be more present than I would have been if things were normal.

8. What’s your favorite Line & Co. item?

I really dig the knit beanie!

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