Why Gender Neutral Clothing Is Important To My Family

Posted by Caroline Sanders Guevara on

My mom didn’t know the gender of any of her babies before they were born, and I always loved that idea, though I’m not big on surprises. So when we found out we were expecting, I convinced my husband we should keep it a surprise. This is how our gender-neutral clothing journey started. 

For starters, it’s practical. We needed clothing for the baby to wear in the first few weeks no matter what, so gender neutral whites and blues and yellows just made sense. Additionally, we determined that if we selected gender neutral items, all of our future children could use them. 

After starting to hunt for gender neutral clothing, we found that we really love the simple style that typically comes with genderless options: no gendered phrases, simple images or patterns, neutral colors, etc. This is the style we would want to dress our little one in, regardless of gender. 

Lastly, it’s important to us as parents not to perpetuate potentially harmful gender norms. We learned more about this while expecting and now we have a better understanding that those gender norm influences can start at birth: ‘what a strong little boy,” “what a beautiful little girl!” As parents, we don’t want the clothing we select to further any of those messages to our child. We’ve found that selecting gender neutral clothing items has been an avenue to do so. 

Check out our gender neutral favorites here and tell us why you choose gender neutral clothing for your little one in the comments!

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